Haverhill Self Storage


The Mount, Howards Lane, Cardinals Green, Horseheath, Haverhill

Postal Code

CB21 4QX



07768 531912


289 541 164

On completion of this agreement we will confirm the initial amount you need to pay and your monthly rental cost.

Please then transfer your initial payment to SAMSON GODFREY LTD. We will send you our bank details by return.

Please then set up a STANDING ORDER for your monthly charge to be paid on or before 1st of each month in advance. Thank you.


For and behalf of the Licensee.

*The licensee acknowledges that any goods stored in the unit(s) remain so stored at his sole risk and expense. The Licensee shall insure goods against all insurable risks at full replacement value.




1. By signing this Licence, the Licensee agrees to the Terms and Conditions detailed below. This Licence is governed by the Laws of England. No variation of the Licence is binding unless agreed in writing between the Landlord and the Licensee.

2. The Landlord permits the Licensee to occupy the storage unit(s) for the sole purpose of the storage of the Licensee’s goods subject to payment of the charges and to enter the Landlord’s site for the sole purpose of accessing the storage unit(s).

3. This Licence, which includes the initial invoice, will commence on the start date shown overleaf and continue until terminated by either party giving 1 month to vacate. The minimum rental period is one month.

4. Initial charges include one month’s rental in advance plus one month’s rent as deposit and is due on commencement of the Licence. The deposit will be reimbursed on termination without interest and less any sums deducted for damage, the unit up to the same standard and condition as at the commencement of the rental or in respect of loss or replacement of his padlocks and keys or in respect of arrears of the charge.

5. Payment of rental is due on the 1st of each month, an invoice will be sent soon after.

6. The Landlord shall not be liable to the Licensee for any loss or damage which may be suffered as a direct or indirect result of any circumstances whatsoever outside his control whether it is the non availability of the unit(s) or any other matter.

7. The Licensee shall not:

a. Carry out any action which causes a nuisance or annoyance.
b. Carry out any action that may render void or increase the rate of premium of any
insurance held by the Landlord.
c. Assign, transfer or grant sub-licence to this Licence.
d. Use the storage unit as living accommodation.
e. Store goods outside the unit(s).

8. The Licensee shall:

a. Take reasonable care of the site and the storage unit(s).
b. Comply with all safety, fire and security instructions and precautions.
c. Receive delivery of goods to the unit(s) without inconveniencing the Landlord or other Licensees.
d. Ensure the unit(s) are secure at all times when unattended.
e. Indemnify the Landlord against any claims/actions/proceedings brought against the Landlord in connection with the Licensee’s use of the unit.
f. The Licensee is responsible for the rent until the Landlord has vacant possession.
g. Pay to the supplier all charges for electrical and other services including buildings
insurance and meter rent.
h. Pay or indemnify the Landlord against any applicable rates or taxes.

9. The Licensee confirms that:

a. He/she is the Owner of and/or is entitled in Law to possession of goods stored, at all times.
b. All goods are not of a dangerous/highly combustible/explosive/illegal nature and will not emit odours or contaminate/damage/affect the Landlord’s property or property belonging to the other Licensees.
c. All goods are adequately packed and protected and do not include any living

10. The Landlord reserves the right to:

a. Enter any unit(s) without permission but with due cause, in particular in the interests of safety or to prevent damage or injury to persons or property. The Landlord shall not be liable for any damage caused to the goods stored. as a result of the entry except where negligence is proved.
b. Transfer goods to another unit(s) with due cause provided the new unit(s) is of
adequate size for the storage purpose originally designated.
c. Review the rent(s) and notify the Licensee of any increases, giving at least one month’s notice.
d. Give notice in writing to the Licensee of intention to double lock the unit(s) if the
account falls 14 days into arrears.
e. Give notice in writing to the Licensee of the intention to sell the goods stored in the unit(s) if such arrears are not settled within 14 days.
f. Dispose of such goods by sale at public auction or by destroying same. Proceeds of any sale will be applied to the arrears, and to offset any expenses incurred by the Landlord. The Licensee will be entitled to claim any balance remaining thereafter. The Landlord will be entitled to recover any outstanding balance due after sale.
g. Terminate the Licence with due cause and for whatever reason giving two week’s notice to the Licensee.
h. Amend these Terms and Conditions at any time giving 28 days notice to current Licensees.

  Haverhill Self Storage, The Mount, Howards Lane, Cardinals Green, Horseheath, Haverhill CB21 4QX