Haverhill Self Storage, The Mount, Howards Lane, Cardinals Green, Horseheath, Haverhill CB21 4QX

Self-Storage, as the name suggests is a place for you to store and manage your own personal or business goods. You can store your goods in your own individual unit for as long as you want to and come and go as you please, 24/7 365 days of the year.

It‘s simply cost effective storage with 24 hour access.

What am I allowed
to store?

Within reason you can store almost anything, furniture, clothes, household appliances, an entire house contents in the larger containers, office and workshop stock, documents, machines (in clean condition only) boats, cars garden equipment, the list is endless.
What you are NOT permitted to store is anything illegal, alive, inflammable or perishable.

Is there a minimum rental period?

No, you can stay as long or short a period as you want. All we ask is that you give us one month’s notice to allow us time to re-let the unit after you leave.

How much space will I need?

Obviously this depends on how much “stuff” you need to store and how well you’ve packed it, but as a rough guide a 10ft container should take a small 2 bed house and our 20ft containers should take an average 3 bedroom house. You don’t have to move all your goods in one go. You can come and go as you please and do a little at a time if you wish.

Are my goods safe?

You will need to provide your own lock for you own individual unit, that way only you have keys to it. All our new units have an anti-tamper lockbox that shrouds your padlock so no one can cut your lock off. The site is securely fenced with an electronically operated gate so only clients can access the site outside of working hours and it has digital CCTV surveillance equipment installed around the site with sensor security lighting in place.

What’s the minimum hire period & how much notice do we need to give you?

One month’s rental is our minimum licence period and we ask for up to one month’s notice so we can re-let the unit, but will be flexible to your needs.

Any other charges – Security Deposit

We ask for one month’s rent in advance as a security deposit, which is fully returnable on your departure, just as long as the unit is returned to us in the same clean condition you received it in.

What about content insurance?

The best and cheapest way to insure your goods is to go directly to an insurer. Therefore we don’t get involved, but here are a couple of suggested sites you can visit for quotes.

Quote MonkeyInsura StoreGM Store Insure

Do you sell packing materials?

No we don’t, but if you put the term “packing material suppliers” into Google they will show you who supplies packaging materials in your area.


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  Haverhill Self Storage, The Mount, Howards Lane, Cardinals Green, Horseheath, Haverhill CB21 4QX